Andrew’s students have gone on to work as Compositors, Roto Artists, RotoPaint Artists, and BG Prep Artists at multiple VFX studios across North America and Europe including: Artifex, Atomic Fiction, CoSA, CVD, DNEG, Darkhorse 10, Framestore, Fuse FX, Hydraulx, ILM, Image Engine, Method Studios, Milk VFX, MPC, Mr. Wolf, Mr. X, Outpost, Pixomondo, Scanline, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Stargate Studios, Umedia, Vitality, Zoic Studios, and more!

Here is what they had to say about their experience learning from Andrew:

VFX Student Testimonials:

"Andrew is a very talented instructor and artist, without a doubt, it was an honor to have been his student in Lost Boys Studios, he is very friendly, always trying to create a good environment for the students, besides having a lot of patience to not only teach but to take the time to be able to repeat all the times what was not understood and help you solve problems in different ways, which is admirable."

"Andrew’s extensive experience in visual effects combined with his willingness to share knowledge and to collaborate with other artists proves that he's a great addition to any team. He has the technical know-how and his passion for teaching makes him the kind of person you would want around. As a teacher, he helps you solve problems by guiding you till you come to the solution, thereby enabling you to remember the process better. His witty remarks, side stories, and quiz day prizes definitely make the class more fun and interesting. Andrew’s teachings also go beyond the walls of the classroom. He can tell you where the best donair is, what desserts top the list, and which improv shows you should see."

"Andrew was my BG Prep Instructor during my time at Lost Boys Studios. He was also my go to person whenever I had a question about Nuke, compositing, or any VFX questions in general. He always made himself available and seemed to have a multitude of ways to reach a final product. One of the best things that Andrew has to offer any job, is his constantly positivity, and his ability to make a bad situation better, with just his attitude alone. Even during the most stressful times Andrew was the person who kept up morale and made sure that he could put a smile on at least one person's face. I am glad to have been one of his students, and I would highly recommend Andrew as an educator or as a BG Prep Artist / Compositor."

"Andrew Zeller was my TA at Lost Boys Studios. There is nothing to say about Andrew other then he is an excellent teacher. He has hands on experience in the industry which he brings to the classroom to make sure that his students are up to date when it comes to visual effects. He is always ready to help when his students encounter problems and he often stayed later to ensure they wouldn't come to a stand still when there was no instructor around. I feel lucky to have been his student for a whole year and I know his teachings have helped me a lot getting a jump start in the industry as a compositor."

"I had Andrew as my TA / BG Prep Instructor during my time at Lost Boys. My experiences with Andrew as a teacher were overwhelmingly positive; he was consistently available for help at school and was even courteous enough to respond to the odd question outside of school hours. On the rare occasion Andrew didn't have an immediate answer to a question or problem, he wouldn't hesitate to spend time at my desk with me in order to figure out a solution. As a result, Andrew's dedication as an educator is apparent.

His knowledge of programs like Nuke, Mocha, and Silhouette is impressive; when teaching, Andrew is engaging, articulate, and thorough. He has a fantastic sense of humor and a very pleasant manner when interacting with students. He gives extremely valuable feedback on shots and has many useful insights on working in VFX. Andrew was also kind enough to offer head shots (at no expense) to every student in my class for their LinkedIn profile. Overall, I would highly recommend Andrew as an educator, as a compositor, and generally as a upstanding human being."

"As a student at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, I highly recommend Andrew as an BG Prep/Compositing instructor. Even with his packed schedule and endless tasks as an instructor, he still always spares his time for his students. He is extremely detail oriented, and cares greatly about us. Andrew often times volunteers his own time assisting us even when it’s outside of his job description. It’s rare to find an instructor like this and I genuinely feel honored to be one of his students.

In addition, with his previous experiences at Vitality, his excellent compositing and digital makeup skills help us excel in those areas as students. He never shies away from sharing his tricks for compositing and element integration. At the same time, he believes in errors and trials; instead of giving us the answer right away, he always gives us room to explore and experiment.

I am honored to be one of Andrew’s students. And needless to say, I highly recommend him as a BG Prep/Compositor instructor!"

"I highly recommend Andrew Zeller for his tremendous teaching ability. As a student of Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects, I have had the pleasure of being taught not only industry relevant practices, but also countless intricacies within the scope of Compositing that only come from Andrew’s industry experience. He is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships and excels at fostering growth and understanding with his students.

Andrew is passionate about what he teaches and it comes out in his lessons and lectures. This passion and drive greatly improves the experience of learning while you are grasping the complex concepts of the Visual Effects Industry. He has an innate ability to bring positivity and engagement all the while developing his students’ abilities as Compositors. Andrew embraces any opportunity for teaching and professional development, which makes him an ideal leader and instructor.

Andrew also has a wonderful rapport and a breadth of knowledge in navigating the political waters of the Visual Effects Industry which has proven to be an incredible asset for someone who is inexperienced. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching concepts, simple, as well as advanced, are both truly superior. Andrew cares about the individual growth of each one of his students, taking the time to ensure that they grasp and truly understand the purpose of each step and why it matters.

Andrew also has an excellent written and verbal communication skill-set which is an asset for those who are coming from abroad to study at Lost Boys. He accomplishes all this with great initiative and with a positive attitude. I recommend Andrew without reservation."

"Andrew was one of my BG Prep/Compositing instructors at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects. He is really resourceful and willing to share his up-to-date knowledge and information with his students. As his student, I was grateful to have Andrew as my instructor because he taught me a variety of useful techniques and tips based on his hands-on experiences as a visual effect artist. Additionally, Andrew also has experience in teaching English. He helped me understand VFX terminology and gave me advice with appropriate expressions, which I appreciate a lot since English is my second language. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a visual effects instructor/mentor/team leader."

"Andrew was my BG Prep instructor while I was a Compositing Student at Lost Boys Studios. His extreme dedication and resourcefulness made him a really good teacher. One of the things I would like to stand out is that he was very approachable in his way of teaching and he never hesitated every time we needed answers for both technical or artistic questions. He truly enjoys doing his lessons and I am glad to had the chance to be one of his students."

"It's been a pleasure to have Andrew as an instructor during my year at Lost Boys. Andrew was always available for me on any doubts I had, not just technical and artistically speaking, but also doubts I had about work and the industry in general. He is really good at teaching and solving any problem you can have and he always comes up with a fantastic workaround for any specific doubt you may have (even if he doesn't know the answer in that moment), he would either give you a direct fix or guide you to discover it by yourself, which is something wonderful. I highly recommend Andrew for any position that is looking for an experienced artist and teacher."

"I have known Andrew for a year and it’s been a pleasure to be one of his students at Lost Boys school of VFX. He is the perfect instructor for a Compositing/BG Prep career: he has experience in the field and he is very good in sharing his knowledge with you. In the past year Andrew was a guide who helped me when I needed assistance with technical and artistic issues. I believe that great artists don’t necessarily make great teachers, but I definitely think that Andrew manages to achieve both; He enjoys doing lessons and always comes up with creative ideas to pass his knowledge onto students. He is the type of teacher who doesn’t tell you the solution to a problem but helps you to discover it for yourself. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a well-rounded, experienced artist and teacher."

"Andrew was my TA while I was a student at Lost Boys Studios. He is very resourceful and eager to help. Even if he didn't have an answer to a question right away he would always be attentive to research the solution and bring later. I learned a lot with Andrew and I am very happy to recommend him as Educator in BG Prep/Comp."

"Andrew was one of my instructors while I completed the Advanced Compositing Diploma program at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects in Vancouver British Columbia. His great teaching methods were a big part of my success in achieving my diploma. He was always available for questions and assistance if necessary to complete a project and he also made sure that he answered your question in a way that didn't only solve the problem, but helped you see why that problem existed, patiently talking me through the solution, which in the long run helped me better understand NUKE's software package, which can be extremely overwhelming to learn. Andrew really does seem to enjoy teaching and I'm glad I had the chance to be one of his students. He also went out of his way to set up movie viewing events at the school for the students, which was a great stress relief during project crunch time. I would recommend Andrew as an instructor for any visual effects academic program or studio."

"As a student, I’m very grateful to have Andrew as one of my instructors during my time at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects. He is a dedicated educator whose mentorship and guidance has elevated my understanding and knowledge of BG Prep and Compositing. Andrew has always been available to answer many of our questions and took the time to help us understand the problem and encouraged us to discover one of many possible solution. Being well-spoken, having a good sense of humor, and a strong command of VFX makes for the perfect compositing instructor. In addition, Andrew is quick to rally students together and help foster an inclusive environment. I would definitely recommend Andrew for any educator/leadership role."

English and Business English Teaching Experience:

English Language Teacher  (July 2013 – July 2014)
SEC Canada Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Managed the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) exam preparation course

Independent English Tutor  (October 2007 – June 2013)
Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seoul, South Korea
Tutored 3 elementary school children and 8 adults

High School English Teacher  (August 2011 – August 2012)
Yongmoon High School, Seoul, South Korea
Taught over 300 students in 10th and 11th grades